Prime Time

Get ready for 100% taste. At Brick + Bone we only grill USDA Prime Beef from Nebraskan beef cattle – guaranteed hormone-free, raised following strict ecological criteria and fed with corn for a finer marbling.

All this with the aim to simply blow you away.


»„To eat steak rare represents both a nature and a morality.“«

– Roland Barthes

Our classic cuts

Filet Mignon

It doesn’t get any tenderer: Filet Mignon is an elegant cut from the front part of the filet with a distinct texture. Since this part of the body is hardly used by the cattle, the meat is especially lean and juicy.

Rib Eye Steak

A marbling from hell gives this cut from the front back its juiciness and intensive taste. Small talk fact: Its name derives from the leaner part of the steak, which, surrounded by the fatty tissue of the prime rib, looks like an eye. There you go.

New York Strip

Our crowd-pleaser, also known as Rumpsteak, is famous for its sample marbling and a clearly visible fat strip. As a cut from the high roast beef it has a fine texture and butter-like flavour – tenderness and „bite“ go hand in hand with the New York Strip.

Porterhouse Steak

King of steaks. Cut with filet and bone from the lower roast beef, it offers the best from both worlds: juicy and full of aroma on the one side, tender and delicate on the other side of the bone – which adds for that extra punch when on the grill.